Midcentury Modern Shelves on a Budget

I am fortunate to live in an Eichler with original wood panels, but my office space is a smallĀ room. I needed shelf space to unpack into, but I do not know what my long-term plans are. No $4000 Mad Men-inspired credenzas here, alas, until I am very sure of how the new office works. I opted for $40 stackable shelving units instead, and then gussied them up with some period-inspired fabric.

Closetmaid makes these white 3×3 units, which they call Cubeicals. They have cardboard backs nailed into fiberboard. Classy, right? The backs are structurally significant, so I could not leave them off, but a few yards of fabric made it all work out. I taped the fabric into place (that’s the orange in the construction photos) and nailed straight on through. Easy. Affordable. And when I know what I actually want in this space, I will not shed any tears to give the whole thing away.

For now, though, I am pleased with how it came out looking a little like a 9-patch quilt. Due to a power outlet behind the shelves, the whole thing is a few inches out from the back wall, which lets light strike the wood panelingĀ and set it aglow. At night, we shine.

If I had it to do over I would use hot glue instead of tape. But first I need to unpack the hot glue gun… and now I have a place to put things!